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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
17495 Gen-Bra007 The branch line age : the minor railways of the British Isles in memoriam and retrospect Gammell, Christopher 1851702393 Bracken Books 2015 C1
17510 Gen-Bra009 Branch Line Britain Atterbury, Paul 0715319906 David & Charles Newton Abbott 2004 Q0A
17525 Gen-Bri003 Britain's Railways : An Industrial History Pollins, Harold 0715353160 David & Charles Newton Abbott 1971 A1
17540 Gen-Bri005 Britain's Railway Museums Williams, Peter 0711005656 Ian Allan London 1974 Q1A
17555 Gen-Bri008 The Aerofilms book of Britain's railways from the air. Leigh, Chris 0711017026 Ian Allan London 1987 Q3-4
17570 Gen-Bri009 The second book of Britain's railways from the air. Leigh, Chris; Aerofilms 0711019436 Ian Allan London 1987 Q3-4
17585 Gen-Bri015 British cross-channel railway passenger ships. Winser, John de S 185260459X Patrick Stephens 1994 G5A Shipping
17600 Gen-Bri017 British Internal Combustion Locomotives 1894-1940 Webb, Brian 0715361155 David & Charles Newton Abbott 1973 E10A
17615 Gen-Bri020 British locomotives : their history, construction, and modern development. Cooke, C J Bowen Whittaker & Co 1894 E8A
17630 Gen-Bri021 British locomotive classes : principal "big four" locomotive classes as at 1945. {Facsimile ed] 1856483428 PRC (orig Ian Allan) 2015 E8E
17645 Gen-Bri022 British Locomotive Builders' Plates Buckle, Keith; Lowe, David 1857800184 Midland Leicester 1994 E17
17660 Gen-Bri024 British Locomotive Classes: Principal "Big Four" Locomotive Classes as at 1945 Steam Days Special. Reed, Brian Ian Allan 1991 E8E
17675 Gen-Bri026 British Locomotives From The Footplate Nock, O S Ian Allan 1950 E8D
17690 Gen-Bri032 British locomotive names of the twentieth century. Casserley, H C Ian Allan 1963 M2
17705 Gen-Bri034 British locomotive practice & performance : extracts from the pioneering Railway magazine articles of 1902-1908 Rous-Marten, Charles; Fryer, Charles 1852602228 Patrick Stephens 1990 E8D
17720 Gen-Bri035 British Locos 0f the 20th Century Volume 1 1900-30 Nock, O S Guild 1983 E8F
17735 Gen-Bri036 British Locos of the 20th Century Volume 2 1930-1960 Nock, O S Book Club Associates 1984 E8F
17750 Gen-Bri037 British Locos of the 20th Century Volume 3 1960 – present day Nock, O S Guild 1988 E8F
17765 Gen-Bri042 British main line services in the age of steam, 1900-1968. Harris, Michael 0860935361 Oxford Publishing Sparkford 1996 G3
17780 Gen-Bri046 British Pacific Locomotives 1962 Edition Allen, C J Ian Allan 1962 E8F
17795 Gen-Bri048 The British railcar : AEC to HST Tufnell, Robert M 1715385291 David & Charles Newton Abbott 1984 E10B Motive Power – Railcars
17810 Gen-Bri050 British Railway Bridges & Viaducts Smith, Martin 0711022739 Ian Allan 1994 E5A Architecture – Bridges & Viaducts
17825 Gen-Bri052 Encyclopaedia of British Railway Companies Awdry, Christopher Guild 1990 SR General
17840 Gen-Bri054 British Railway goods wagons in colour: for the modeller and historian Hendry, Robert 185780094X Midland Publishing Leicester 1999 E13
17870 Gen-Bri057 British Railways in Action Nock, O S Thomas Nelson London 1956 B8-10
17885 Gen-Bri058 British railway locomotive: a brief pictorial history of the first fifty years of the British steam railway locomotive, 1803-1853 Westcott, G F (comp) HMSO London 1958 E8A
17900 Gen-Bri060 British Railway rolling stock Webster, Henry C Oxford University Press London 1942 E12
17930 Gen-Bri066 British Railways: steam and traction in colour [1948-1968] Boocock, Colin; Morrison, Brian 1856480143 Promotional Reprint Company Ltd London 1991 M1
17945 Gen-Bri067 British Railways in Transition Nock, O S Thomas Nelson 1963 B8-10
17975 Gen-Bri069 British railway track: design construction and maintenance Coombs, D H Permanent Way Institution Woking 1971 E3
17990 Gen-Bri070 British railways wagons : their loads and loading. v1 Grant, Brian; Taylor, Bill 1857942051 Silver Link Publishing Kettering 2003 E13
18005 Gen-Bri072 An illustrated history of British Railways' workshops : locomotive, carriage and wagon building and maintenance, from 1825 to the present day Larkin, Edgar 0860935035 Oxford Publishing Sparkford 1992 E17
18035 Gen-Bri075 British steam railways Nock, O S Adam & Charles Black London 1961 A1
18050 Gen-Bri076 British steam railway locomotive, 1825-1925 Ahrons, Ernest Leopold Locomotive Publishing London 1927 E8A
18065 Gen-Bri077 British Steam Railway Locomotive 1925-1965 Nock, O S Ian Allan 2015 E8A
18080 Gen-Bri078 British steam: the classic years Westwood, John 0861245555 Bison London 1989 E8F
18095 Gen-Bri079 Illustrated history of British steam railways Ross, David 1405482905 Parragon Bath 2007 A1
18110 Gen-Bri080 British steam since 1900 Tuplin, William Alfred 0715343262 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1969 E8A
18140 Gen-Bri088 British Transport Commission Reports & Accounts BTC HMSO
18155 Gen-Bru002 A Brush with steam Shepherd, David 0715381571 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1983 N
18170 Gen-C002 Call Of Steam Adley, Robert 0713712740 Blandford Press Poole 1982 Q0A
18185 Gen-C004 The Calshot "Express": a history of the narrow-gauge railway at the Royal Air Force Station, Calshot, Southampton Cooper, Frederick William Oakwood Lingfield 1963 D3
18200 Gen-C006 British Railways camping coach holidays: the 1930s & British Railways (London Midland region) McRae, Andrew 1870119487 Foxline Stockport 1997 K1
18215 Gen-C008 Capital Steam Ramsey, Hugh 0860934128 Haynes Sparkford 1989 E8J
18230 Gen-C010 H. C. Casserley Casserley, H C 0715356313 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1972 Q3-4
18245 Gen-C012 Historical sketch showing the evolution of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, with a track mileage of upwards of 20,000 miles, from the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, with a track mileage of 31 1/2 miles Burgess, H G London Midland & Scottish Rlys 1925 L1D
18260 Gen-C013 Railways of the Channel Islands: a pictorial survey Judge, C W (comp) 0853614326 Oakwood Press Usk 1992 C0A
18290 Gen-C020 Class 20s in colour: photographs from the 1960s to the present day Fell, Andrew 1857800206 Midland Leicester 1994 E10A
18305 Gen-C022 Class 33s: a celebration of 30 years Hypher, John 1870754190 Runpast Cheltenham 1990 E10A
18320 Gen-C023 Class 33 Vaughan, John A M 9780711032842 Ian Allan Hersham 2008 E10A
18335 Gen-C024 Class 47 data file. Part 1, D1500-D1519 Levett, Richard P; Jacques, P M Kithead 1989 E10A
18350 Gen-C026 Class 50s - Locomotive recognition Marsden, Colin J Ian Allan 1988
18365 Gen-C028 Heritage of steam: a family railway album; illustrated with photographs by the author and his father, the late Arthur Davenport Davenport, Neil 1857940458 Silver Link Kettering 1995 Q3-4
18380 Gen-C030 John Spencer Gilks: journeys round Britain Esau, Mike 1857940229 Silver Link Peterborough 1994 Q0A
18395 Gen-C032 The classic steam collection Nixon, Les 1857940156 Silver Link Peterborough 1993 Q3-4
18410 Gen-C034 Ivo Peters' Classic Steam Hawkins, Mac; Peters, Ivo 0715304909 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1996 Q3-4
18425 Gen-C040 Colonel Stephens' railways: a view from the past Morgan, John Scott 0711026289 Ian Allan Shepperton 1999 D1A
18440 Gen-C044 Covering my tracks: recollections of the end of steam Adley, Robert 0850598826 Patrick Stephens Wellingborough 1988 Q3-4
18455 Gen-C046 Made in Crewe: 150 years of engineering excellence Langston, Keith 0955286808 Mortons Media Group Horncastle 2006 E17
18470 Gen-C048 Class 33 'Cromptons' Cooper, Basil Knowlman 0711018944 Ian Allan Shepperton 1990 E10A
18485 Gen-C049 The Cromptons Marsden, Colin J (comp) 0710603649 Jane's Publishing Co Ltd London 1986 E10A
18500 Gen-C050 The Railway Paintings of Terence Cuneo. Cuneo, Terence 0904568431 New Cavendish Books London 1984 N
18515 Gen-C051 Railway paintings by Cuneo: a retrospective Harris, Nigel (edited by) 1901551008 National Railway Museum is association with Steam Railway York 1997 N
18530 Gen-D005 Dawn of the World Railways 1800 - 1850 Nock, O S Blandford Press 1972 A2
18545 Gen-D008 Decades of steam, 1920-1969 Harris, Michael 0711026831 Ian Allan Shepperton 1999 B5-6
18560 Gen-D012 Design for steam, 1830-1960 Haresnape, Brian 0711010811 Ian Allan London 1981 E5C
18575 Gen-D017 Discovering lost railways Cockman, Frederick George Shire Aylesbury 1976 Q0A
18605 Gen-Dies001 Dawn of the diesels : first-generation diesel locomotives and units captured by the camera of John Spencer Gilks, Part 1: 1956-66 Gilks, John Spencer; Esau, Mike (editor) 1857940962 Silver Link Publishing Kettering 1999 E10A
18620 Gen-Dies002 Dawn of the diesels: first-generation diesel locomotives and units captured by the camera of John Spencer Gilks, Part 2 1956-66 Gilks, John Spencer 1857941101 Silver Link Publishing Kettering 1999 E10A
18635 Gen-Dies004 Diesels – Diesels – Diesels Ford, H L (comp) Bradford Barton
18650 Gen-Dies008 Diesel electric shunting locomotives : for drivers, maintenance fitters, electricians and all interested in the practical side of diesel electric shunting locomotives. Finegan, Vincent George Newnes London 1944 E10A
18665 Gen-Dies011 Diesel Maintenance Parkinson, Thomas Harold Iliffe & Sons London 1943 E10A
18680 Gen-Dies015 The Heyday of the DMU Butcher, Alan C 0711023190 Ian Allan Shepperton 1994 E10B
18695 Gen-Dies017 Lightweight DMUS : the early Derby works and Metro-Cammell units. Green-Hughes, Evan 071103463X Ian Allan Hersham 2012 E10B
18710 Gen-E004 Thomas Edmondson and his Tickets Farr, Michael 0905033132 Michael Farr Andover 1991 F1B
18725 Gen-E006 The Efficient Use of Steam Lyle, Oliver HMSO 1954 E8B
18740 Gen-E010 Supplement to electric trains : their equipment and operation. Agnew, W A Virtue & Co 1938 E9
18755 Gen-E010 (1) Electric trains : their equipment and operation, including notes on electric locomotives, electro-pneumatic brakes, regenerative braking, air-operated doors etc. vol. 1. Agnew, W A Virtue & Co 1937 E9
18770 Gen-E010 (2) Electric trains : their equipment and operation, including notes on electric locomotives, electro-pneumatic brakes, regenerative braking, air-operated doors etc. Vol. 2. Agnew, W A Virtue & Co 1937 E9
18785 Gen-E012 The electro-diesels : an illustrated history of Classes 73 and 74. Marsden, Colin J 9780860936015 Ian Allan Hersham 2006 E10A
18800 Gen-E016 The engine driver's manual: how to prepare, fire and drive a steam locomotive Topping, Brian 0860935396 Oxford Publishing Sparkford 1998 E8C
18815 Gen-E017 Engine-driving life: stirring adventures and incidents in the lives of locomotive engine-drivers Reynolds, Michael Crosby Lockwood & Sons London 1889 H1
18830 Gen-E018 The Evolution of the Locomotive Engine West, Theodore Wm Dresser Darlington 1908 E8A
18845 Gen-E020 The exhaust steam injector class "H" Metcalfe's patents : the simplest and most reliable locomotive feed water heater Davies & Metcalfe Ltd., Davies & Metcalfe Ltd Romiley 2015 E8B
18860 Gen-E022 Express steam locomotive development in Great Britain and France. Rogers, Hugh Cuthbert Basset 0860934691 Haynes Sparkford 1990 E8F
18875 Gen-F003 The Fascination of Railways Lloyd, Roger Bradshaigh Allen & Unwin London 1951 Q0A
18905 Gen-F006 Railway Paintings of Alan Fearnley Fearnley, Alan David & Charles Newton Abbott 1992 N
18920 Gen-F010 The 50s Harris, Ken 0710603061 Jane's Publishing Co Ltd London 1984 E10A
18935 Gen-F012 The fifty 50s in colour Ballantyne, Hugh 1872524389 Platform 5 Sheffield 1992 E10A
18950 Gen-F014 Ian Allan's 50 years of railways, 1942-1992. Kennedy, Rex 0711021147 Ian Allan Shepperton 1992 A1
18965 Gen-F020 The Flying Scotsman: the world's most famous express with the world's longest daily non-stop run. 2nd Edition London and North Eastern Railway London and North Eastern Railway London 1927 G3
18980 Gen-F022 The Flying Scotsman, 1862-1962 : portrait of a train. Ellis, Hamilton Allen & Unwin London 1962 G3
18995 Gen-F025 Book of the Forties [BR Class 40s] Preedy, Norman 906025435 Peter Watts London 1983 E10A
19010 Gen-F027 In Memory of the 40's Turner, Steve (comp) 906883091 Rail Photoprints London 1985 E10A
19025 Gen-F032 The four great railways Bonavia, Michael 715378422 David & Charles Newton Abbott 1980 B5-6
19040 Gen-F034 Four Main Lines Ellis, Hamilton George Allen & Unwin London 1950 A1
19070 Gen-F040 Fuel Solid, Liquid & Gaseous Brame, J S S Edward Arnold 1956
19085 Gen-F042 Fuel Testing Himus, G W Leonard Hill 1953
19115 Gen-G010 Golden Years of British Steam Trains Mace, Rev A W V (Garratt) 1900193051 Milepost 1995
19130 Gen-G014 Government and the Railways in 19th Century Parris, Henry Routledge 1965