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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
23060 Gen-Rail118 A Pictorial Survey of Railway Stations Buck, Gordon Oxford Publishing 1992
23075 Gen-Rail120 Railway Stations of Great Britain Body, Geoffrey Patrick Stephens 1990
23080 Gen-Rail121 Great railway stations of Britain : their architecture, growth and development Biddle, Gordon 0715382632 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1986 Hardback E5B Good
23090 Gen-Rail122 Railway Styles in Building Bowers, Michael; Walters, Patrick Almark Publishing 1975
23100 Gen-Rail123 Forgotten Railway Infrastructure 1922 - 1934: Stations, Signalling, Trackwork. Wallis, E; Robertson, Kevin (compiler) 1909328723 Crecy Manchester 2017 Softback E5B As New
23105 Gen-Rail124 Railway in Town and Country 1830-1914 Simmons, Jack David & Charles 1986
23110 Gen-Rail125 Rails to the sea : a celebration of railway journeys past and present Hadrill, John 9780906899861 Atlantic Penryn 1999 Hardback Q0A As New
23120 Gen-Rail126 Railways of today : their evolution, equipment and operation Allen, Cecil J Frederick Warne 1929 A1
23135 Gen-Rail127 Rail Tours - 3 Binders – Leaflets / Photos / Tickets etc Allen, Peter (collected by) Personal Collection
23150 Gen-Rail128 Railway Trainmens' Manual Aitken, J Aitken 1936 G1
23160 Gen-Rail129de Railway policeman : the story of the constable on the track Whitbread, J. R. Harrap London 1961 Hardback K8
23165 Gen-Rail130 An Outline of Railway Traffic Operation Cameron, T F Railway Publishing Co 1946
23180 Gen-Rail131 Railway Trolleys- A Brief History of trolleys & Ra West, James EARM Publications 1999
23195 Gen-Rail132 The Railway Vanishes Forsythe, H G 0947971955 Silver Link Wadenhoe, Peterborough 1992 Hardback General
23200 Gen-Rail135(1) Railway Wonders of the World - Volume 1 Winchester, Clarence; Allen, C J (Editor) Amalgamated Press 1935 A2 General
23205 Gen-Rail135(2) Railway Wonders of the World - Volume 2 Winchester, Clarence; Allen, C J (Editor) Amalgamated Press 1936 A2 General
23210 Gen-Rail140 Raising Steam – Design, Operation & Driving Steam Locomotives Griffiths, Denis 1852600772 Patrick Stephens 1989
23215 Gen-Rail141 Railwayman's pocket-book Hardy, Richard Harry Norman 9781844861354 Conway London 2011 H3
23275 Gen-Rail150 Railways on the screen Huntley, John 0711020590  Ian Allan Shepperton 1993 Hardback N Railway History - Social Good
23280 Gen-Res001 Restaurant car : a century of railway catering Kitchenside, Geoffrey 071537818X David & Charles Newton Abbot 1979 Hardback G7 Good
23285 Gen-Ro145 Rocket 150 - 1830-1980 Official Handbook Liverpool & Manchester Anniversary Office British Rail 1980
23300 Gen-Ro148 Royal journey : a retrospect of royal trains in the British Isles. 2nd ed Ellis, C Hamilton British Railways Board London 1960 G3A Trains - Royal
23315 Gen-Ro150 Royal Trains Kingston, Patrick; Kitchenside, Geoffrey Guild London 1985 Hardback G3A Trains - Royal Good
23330 Gen-Ro152 Royal Trains of the British Isles Railway Magazine London 1974 Softback G3A Trains - Royal Good
23345 Gen-Ro154 Royal Trains Allen, Cecil J Ian Allan London 1953 Softback G3A Trains - Royal Fair
23375 Gen-Sc002 Diesels & electrics for scrap : [the withdrawal and scrapping of the British Rail modern traction fleet]. vol. 1 Butlin, Ashley 0906899273 Atlantic Transport Penryn 1988 E10A
23390 Gen-Sc004 In focus: Vic Berry's. Butlin, Ashley 0948069074 Coorlea Publishing Norwich 1988 Softback E10A Good
23405 Gen-Sh006 Shunter Duties Woodley, G; Wood, R Inter City Railway Society 1979
23420 Gen-Sh008 Shunter Duties Castle, J; Wood, J R Inter City 1973
23422 Gen-Sh010 The Diesel Shunter-A Pictorial Record Marsden, Colin 9780860931089 Oxford Publishing Co Oxford 1981 Hardback Motive Power - General Fair
23430 Gen-Sig001 Signalling atlas and signal box directory Great Britain and Ireland: Network Rail, London Underground, tram and metro systems, Northern Ireland Railways, Iarnrod Eireann, heritage railways, preserved and disused boxes in the UK and Ireland. 3rd ed. Kay, Peter 9781873228319 Signalling Record Society Wallasey 2010 Softback E15
23435 Gen-Sig002 Instructions as to the Sighting of Signals LMSR 1936 Signalling
23440 Gen-Sig003 Traditional signalling: a brief design history Vanns, Michael A 0711028117 Ian Allan Shepperton 2001 Softback E15
23450 Gen-Sig004 A Centenary of Signalling & John Saxby Company, Westinghouse Brake & Signal (John Saxby) Westinghouse Brake & Signal 1956 Signalling
23465 Gen-Sig005 Signalling Development -BR in colour Hendry, Robert Ian Allan 2009 Signalling
23480 Gen-Sig006 Signalling Model – British Empire Exhibition 1925 (to be determined) 1925 Signalling
23495 Gen-Sig007 An Illustrated History of Signalling Vanns, Michael A Ian Allan - ABC 1997 Signalling
23510 Gen-Sig008 Signalling in the Age of Steam - ABC Vanns, Michael A Ian Allan - ABC 1995 Signalling
23525 Gen-Sig009 The Signal Box – History and Guide to Designs Group, Signalling Study Oxford Publishing 1986 Signalling
23540 Gen-Sig010 Signalboxes Vanns, Michael A Ian Allan - ABC 1997 Signalling
23555 Gen-Sig012 Signalling - From Mechanics to Modules (BR West) Div, British Railways Western Avon Anglia Reprints Signalling
23570 Gen-Sig014 A Pictorial Survey of Railway Signalling Allen, D; Woolstenholmes, C J Oxford Publishing 1991 Signalling
23585 Gen-Sig016 London Midland Signalling Allen, D; Woolstenholmes, C J Oxford 1996 Signalling
23600 Gen-Sig018 Signal Box. A Great Western Signal Box. Exhibit Paddington Station 1925 Signalling
23615 Gen-Sig020 Signals – Siemens Electrical Signalling Equipment SGE Siemens & General Electric 1947 Signalling
23630 Gen-Sig022 Signalling Installations for British Railways – Siemens SGE Siemens & General Electric 1959 Signalling
23645 Gen-Sig023 Signals – BR Automatic Warning System British Transport Commission Signalling
23660 Gen-Sig024 Signalling Handbook Hall, Stanley Ian Allan 1994 Signalling
23662 Gen-Sig025 Modern signalling handbook. 4th ed. Hall, Stanley 9780711034624 Ian Allan Hersham 2010 Softback E15 As New
23665 Gen-Sig026 How to be a Railway Signalman Walden, Dave 0711037700 Ian Allan 2013 Biography – Signalman
23675 Gen-Sig028 Two Centuries of Railway Signalling - Second Edition Kitchenside, G; Williams, A 9780860936183 OPC 2008 Hardback Signalling
23680 Gen-Sig029 Lewis's railway signal engineering: (Mechanical) Lewis, Leonard P; Fraser, J H (rev and enl by) Constable London 1932 Softback E15 As New
23690 Gen-Sig030 British Railway Signalling 3rd Edition Kitchenside, G; Williams, A Ian Allan Signalling
23700 Gen-Sig031 First principles of railway signalling : including an account of the legislation in the United Kingdom affecting the working of railways and the provision of signalling and safety appliances. 2nd ed. Byles, C B Railway Gazette London 1918 Hardback E15 Signalling Fair
23715 Gen-Sl001 History of slipping and slip carriages Fryer, Charles E J 0853615144 Oakwood Oxford 1997 Softback G3 Fair
23720 Gen-So002 Somewhere along the line : fifty years love of trains Peters, Ivo 0902888803 Oxford Publishing 1976 Q3-4
23750 Gen-St052 Stockton & Darlington. History of First Public Railway Heavisides, M (edited by) Heavisides & Sons 1912
23765 Gen-Sta002 Standard Gauge Light Railways Kidner, R W Oakwood Press 1937
23810 Gen-Ste006 The Steam Age Gammell, C 1851702407 Bracken 1988 Steam
23825 Gen-Ste008 Steam Alive Smith, Ian R NRM Steam
23830 Gen-Ste010 The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Steam & Rail Garratt, C; Wade-Matthews, Max 0754802957 Lorenz Books 1999 Dictionary/Encyclopaedia – Biographical – Engineers
23840 Gen-Ste012 Steam Boilers Fowler, William H Scientific Pub. Co 2014 Engineering - Steam Boilers
23870 Gen-Ste016 Steam Engineering Pullen, W W F Scientific Publishing Steam
23885 Gen-Ste018 Steam – Graveyard of Steam. Handley, Brian George Allen & Unwin 1979 Steam
23915 Gen-Ste021 Steam Locomotives in Action Eatwell, David Batsford 1983 Steam
23930 Gen-Ste022 The Steam Locomotive - An Introduction Hilton, John John Hilton/Wharfdale 1987 Booklet Steam
23940 Gen-Ste023 The steam locomotive : its form and function William Alfred., Tuplin 0239001389 Adams & Dart Bath 1974 Hardback E8A As New
23945 Gen-Ste024 Manual of steam locomotive restoration and preservation Harvey, D W 0715377701 David & Charles Newton Abbott 1980 E8C Steam
23960 Gen-Ste026 Steam Locomotives Compared Essery, Terry Atlantic 1996 Steam
23975 Gen-Ste027 Steam Locomotives. Standard Steam Locos of BR Bradley, Rodger P David & Charles 1984 Steam
23990 Gen-Ste028 Steam Locomotives of British Railways Casserley, H C Hamlyn Books 1973 Steam
23995 Gen-Ste029 The Steam Locomotive - An Engineering History Gibbs, Ken 1445609188 Amberley Publishing 2012 Engineering - History
24005 Gen-Ste030 Steam Motive Power Depots Beavor, E S Ian Allan 1983 Steam
24020 Gen-Ste032 Steam Portraits 1960-66 Dickson, B J Alan Sutton 1994 Steam
24035 Gen-Ste034 Steam for Scrap – The Complete Story Trevena, Nigel (edited by Dr Earnshaw) Atlantic 1992 Steam
24050 Gen-Ste036 Steam for Scrap Volume 3 1958-68 Trevena, Nigel Atlantic 1987 Steam
24065 Gen-Ste037 Steam Sheds - Various Documents (to be determined) Folder Steam
24080 Gen-Ste038 British Loco Shed Directory Grimsley, R S (comp) S Grimsley 1947 Steam
24095 Gen-Ste039 Steam locomotive shed : a further illustrated tribute Siveter, Roger 185794108x Silver Link Great Addington 2001 Softback E8J Steam As New
24110 Gen-Ste040 Steam on Shed Stretton, John Chancellor Press 2003 Steam
24125 Gen-Ste041 On Shed - Classic Steam Hucknall, D BCA 1993 Steam
24140 Gen-Ste042 Steam Sheds & their Locomotives Gammell, Chris B C A 1995 Steam
24155 Gen-Ste044 Steam Shed Portrait Forsythe, H G Atlantic 1981 Steam
24160 Gen-Ste045 In praise of steam Adley, Robert 0713716266 Blandford Poole 1985 Hardback Q0A Fair
24162 Gen-Ste046 In search of steam, 1962-68 Adley, Robert 0713710918 Blandford Poole 1981 Hardback Q3-4 Fair
24170 Gen-Ste049 Transition from Steam Rogers, Coionel H C B Ian Allan 1980 Steam
24185 Gen-Ste050 Steaming Through Britain - History of the Nations Railways Ellis, Chris; Morse, Greg 1844861217 Conway - NRM Collection 2010 Steam
24200 Gen-Ste052 Steel Highway: Railway planning and making Allen, C J Longmans Green 1928 A3 Steam
24215 Gen-Ste056 Sunset of British Steam Vaughan, John Oxford Publishing 1981 Steam
24230 Gen-T002 Taking the Train - Railway Travel in Victorian Time Bignell, P HMSO /National Rly Museum 1978
24240 Gen-T004 Forget the anorak : what trainspotting was really like Harvey, Michael G. 0750934026 Sutton Stroud 2004 Q0A
24242 Gen-T005 British railway tickets Dobrzynski, Jan 9780747808442 Shire Publications Oxford 2011 Softback F1B As New
24245 Gen-T006 Tickets Please - A Nostalgic Journey of Station Life Atterbury, Paul David & Charles 2006 K1
24246 Rules-Sig-1972 Instructions to staff engaged on maintenance of signalling apparatus. (BR13445) British Railways, British Railways Board London 1972 Rules E15 Fair
24270 Gen-T007 Encyclopaedia of titled trains : the ultimate directory of Great Britain's named expresses Pigott, Nick 9781906167820 Mortons Media Group Horncastle 2012 Softback SR
24275 Gen-T008 Tiltled Trains of Great Britain Allen, C J Ian Allan 1946 G3
24280 Gen-T009 Titled Trains of Great Britain (6th Edition, Revised) Allen, C J; Cooper, B K 0711013098 Ian Allan 1983 G3 Trains - Titled
24290 Gen-T010 Story of the Train Museum, National Railway 1872826113 NRM 1999
24305 Gen-T012 Trains in the Eighties No 4 - Electric Units Allan, Ian Ian Allan
24320 Gen-T014 Trains & Transport, A Collector's Guide Anderson, J; Swinglehurst, E 1851702520 Bracken 1981