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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
40490 S-Lon025 On London & South Western Lines Butcher, Alan C Ian Allan 1995 Companies – LSWR
40505 S-Lon026 Celebrating 150 Years of the LSWR Hardingham, Roger Kingfisher 1988 Companies – LSWR
40520 S-Lon027 150 Years of the LSWR Robertson, Kevin Amber Graphics 1988 Companies – LSWR
40535 S-Lon028 LSWR Route Map - Main Lines Middleton Press 1978 Map Companies – LSWR
40550 S-Lon029 London & South Western Railways Casserley, H C Ian Allan 1971 Companies – LSWR
40565 S-Lon030 LSWR Stock Book Cooper, Peter Kingfisher 1986 Companies – LSWR
40580 S-Lon031 Southern Country Station - LSWR Antell, R Ian Allan 1984 Companies – LSWR
40585 S-Lon032 London and South Western Railway : a selection of 7mm locomotive drawings Sharman, Mike 0853613869 Oakwood Oxford 1989 Softback E8F As New
40590 S-Lon033 Carriage stock of the LB & SCR Newbury, Peter James 0853611955 Oakwood Blandford Forum 1976 Softback E12 Good
40591 S-Lon034(4) List of published drawings pertaining to the London & South Western Railway. 4th ed. South Western Circle, 0950374121 South Western Circle Camberley 1983 Softback SR As New
40592 S-Lon034(5) List of published drawings pertaining to the London & South Western Railway. 5th ed. South Western Circle, 095037413X South Western Circle Camberley 1987 Softback SR As New
40593 S-Lon034(6) List of published drawings pertaining to the London & South Western Railway. 6th ed. South Western Circle, 0950374148 South Western Circle Camberley 1991 Softback SR As New
40594 S-Lon034(7) List of published drawings pertaining to the London & South Western Railway. 7th ed. South Western Circle, 0950374148 South Western Circle Camberley 1999 Softback SR As New
40595 S-Los001 Lost Lines – Southern Welbourn, Nigel Ian Allan 1996
40610 S-Los002 Lost Railways of Dorset Oppitz, Leslie 1853066966 Countryside Books 2001
40625 S-Los004 Lost Railways of Sussex Oppitz, Leslie 1853066974 Countryside Books 2002
40640 S-Ly001 Lymington - The Sound of Success Brown, Alan Allan T Condie
40655 S-Ly002 The Lymington Branch Loco Papers 120 Paye, P Oakwood Press 1979
40670 S-Ly008 Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Gower; Gray; Vingoe Oakwood 1999
40685 S-Ly009 The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Brown; Prideaux; Radcliffe David & Charles 1964
40688 S-Ly009a Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.The.. Brown/Prideaux/Radcliffe, Brown 0715349589 David & Charles Newton Abbot 1980 Hardback Regional Railways - Southern England - Independent & Light Good
40700 S-Ly010 Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 1895-1935 Catchpole, L T Oakwood Press 1988
40715 S-Ly012 The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Remembered Prideaux, J D C A David & Charles
40720 S-Ly013 From Devon to Dorset : the story of the Lyme Regis branch Smith, Martin ; Reeve, George 1903266378 Irwell Press Clophill 2003 Softback C0A As New
40730 S-Man002 Manston 34070 & History of Swanage Railway Locomotives, Southern Southern Locomotives Handout
40745 S-Mau007 Maunsell's Moguls Rowledge, J W P Oakwood 1976
40760 S-Mau008 Maunsell Locomotives Haresnape, Brian Ian Allan 1983
40775 S-Mau009 Maunsell's Nelsons Winkworth, D W Allen & Unwin 1980
40790 S-Mau010 The Maunsell S15's Cooper, Peter Kingfisher
40805 S-Mau013 Maunsell's SR Steam Passenger Stock Gould, D Oakwood 1978
40820 S-Mau014 Maunsell SR Steam Carriage Stock Gould, David Oakwood 1990
40835 S-Mau015 (8) Locomotives in Detail - Maunsell 4-6-0 Lord Nelson Swift, Peter Ian Allan 2007
40840 S-Mau015(4) Locomotives in Detail - Maunsell 4-6-0 King Arthur Class Swift, Peter 0711030863 Ian Allan 2005 Hardback E8E Motive Power – Steam – Maunsell (early) Good
40850 S-Mau015(6) Locomotives in Detail - Maunsell 4-4-0-Schools Class Swift, Peter Ian Allan 2006
40865 S-Me001 Medstead & Four Marks Station through the Years MHRPS Ltd 1983
40895 S-Me005 Meon Valley Railway R.A.Stone Kingfisher 1983
40910 S-Me006 Merchant Navy Pacifics – Loco Profile 22 Reed, Brian Profile Publications 1972
40925 S-Me007 The Book of Merchant Navy Pacifics Derry, Richard Irwell Press 2001
40940 S-Me008 Merchant Navy Class - Southern Railway (FEMIC) Willoughby Mutual Improvement Classes. Booklet
40955 S-Me010 Meyrick Park Halt Barker, John Bournemouth Local Studies 2015 C0A
40970 S-Mi001 Midsomer Norton - Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Childs, John HMRS 1982
40985 S-Mi004 Mile by Mile on Britain's Railways Pike, S N 1845136123 Aurum 2011
41000 S-Mi005 Miles & Chains 5 Southern Hurst, G Mile Post 1983
41015 S-Min004 Purbeck's Clay Railways Buxton, Ben Dorset Life 2008 2008 Article
41030 S-Min004 Fayles Tramways, Pike Tramways & Claypits - Extracts etc. (to be determined) 2015 Folder D3
41032 S-Min006 Fayle's tramways : Clay mining in Purbeck : two hundred years, six different gauges Legg, Chris 9780906294796 Twelveheads Press Truro 2014 Hardback D3 Railway History – General Good
41035 S-Min007 Furzebrook Railway of Pike Brothers' Dorset clay works. Legg, Chris 9780906294895 Twelveheads Press Truro 2016 Softback D3 Railway History – General As New
41040 S-Min008 Ball clays of Devon and Dorset: an introduction by the Ball Clay Heritage Society Ball Clay Heritage Society, 1900147300 Ball Clay Heritage Society Newton Abbot 2003 Softback D3 As New
41045 S-Min004 Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Volume 1 Issue 2 Group, Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Purbeck Minerals Mining Group 2004 Folder
41060 S-Min004 Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Volume 2 Issue 3 Group, Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Purbeck Minerals Mining Group Folder
41075 S-Min004 Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Volume 2 Issue 3 Group, Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum Purbeck Minerals Mining Group 2008 Folder
41076 S-Min004 Purbeck Mineral and Mining Museum Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 4 Rowley, John 2009 Leaflet Engineering - History Good
41090 S-Min004 Railways of Kimmeridge Simms, Wilfrid F Wilfrid F Simms 1999 Folder
41105 S-Min004 Kimmeridge Coal Money -Romano British Shale Industry Calkin, F Bernard Dorset Natural History Archaeological Soc 1955
41120 S-Min004 Mineral Railways. Third Edition including Furzebrook & Goathorn Kidner, R W Oakwood Press (Lt Rly No 7) 1954
41135 S-Ne001 Network South–East Handbook Brown, David; Jackson, Alan 1854141295 Capital Transport Harrow Weald 1990 B8-10
41150 S-Ne002 Network South-East from sectorisation to privatisation Lawrence, Mark 1854141295 Oxford Publishing 1994
41165 S-Ne003 New Forest Airfields Davies, Ken 1874515050 Niche 1992
41180 S-Ni002 Night Ferry Behrend, G; Buchanon, G 9018450132 Jersey Artist Ltd 1985
41210 S-Ni005 From Nine Elms to Waterloo : the story of M7 class no 30053. File, William T 1900467038 Drummond Loco Society Swanage 1997 E8F
41225 S-Ni006 Heyday of Nine Elms and its locomotives Boocock, Colin Ian Allan 1992
41240 S-No003 Nothing Like Steam - Footplate work on SR Aynsley, B W Bradford Barton 1980
41255 S-Od003 Odd Corners of the Southern (from Days of Steam) Postlethwaite, Alan Sutton Publishing 1999
41270 S-Od004 More Odd Corners of the Southern Postlethwaite, Alan Sutton Publishing 2001
41285 S-Or004 Orion and the Golden Arrow – Story of a Pullman Car Kitchenside, G Peco 1986
41300 S-Pa001 Passing Scene from London to Portsmouth Southern RailwayCo
41315 S-Pi003 Portrait of the Pines Express Austin, Stephen Ian Allan 1998
41330 S-Pi004 Right Away With the Pines Miles, Roy S & D Trust 1988
41345 S-Po006 Rails to Poole Harbour Stone, Colin 8536155535 Oakwood Press 1999
41360 S-Po008 Portsmouth to Peterborough - 3142 Beecroft, G D Southrn Electric Group 1977
41375 S-Po009 The Portsmouth Papers Course, Edwin Portsmouth City Council
41405 S-Pr004 Pre-Grouping Southern Steam in the 1950s Hay, Peter Ian Allan 1983
41420 S-Pr006 Preserved locomotives of the Southern Railway and British Railways standard classes. Elliott, R. J. 0950582719 Dumbleton Hall Preservation Society Buckfastleigh 1977 Softback E6 Good
41435 S-Pr008 Profile of the Southern Moguls Elsey, Les OPC 1986
41450 S-Pu001 Pullman Cars on the "Southern" 1875-1972 Kidner, R W Oakwood 1987
41455 S-Pu002 Pullman Observation Car 14 - Historical Extracts Various Extracts, Various 2014 Carriages / Coaches
41465 S-Pu004 Purbeck - Narrow Gauge Lines etc. Extracts Baker (to be determined)
41480 S-Pu006 Railways of Purbeck.. Loco papers no.68 Kidner, R W Oakwood 1973
41495 S-Pu006 Railways of Purbeck.. Kidner, R W Oakwood 1988
41510 S-Pu006 Railways of Purbeck.. Kidner, R W Oakwood 2000
41525 S-Pu007 Steam Walks in Purbeck Diffey, Ian Swanage Railway Leaflet
41540 S-Q1001 The Story of the Q1s Morgan, John Scott KRB Publications 2003
41555 S-Rad001 (1) Radstock Coal & Steam Volume 1 Handley, Chris Millstream Books 1992
41570 S-Rad001 (2) Radstock Coal & Steam Volume 2 Handley, Chris Millstream Books 1992
41585 S-Rai002 Rail Centres - Clapham Junction Faulkner, J N Ian Allan 1991
41600 S-Rai003 Rail Centres – Reading Waters, Laurence Ian Allan 1990
41615 S-Rai005 Rail Rover: from Kent to Cornwall Glenn, David Fereday 0862995302 Sutton Stroud 1997 Q0A
41625 S-Go004 Gosport - Transports of Delight Brown, Ron 0903852195 Milestone Publications 1982 Places - Gosport
41630 S-Go006 Gosport - Rails to the Yards Keat, Peter Gosport Railway Society 1992
41645 S-Rai008 Railway Contractors & Engineers South 1840-1914 Popplewell, Lawrence (edited by) Melledgen Press 1982 Gazetteer
41660 S-Rai010 Railway Stations - Discover Dorset Oakley, Mike 1874336962 Dovecote Press 2001
41675 S-Rai012 Railway Stations - Southern Region {Swanage p95/6} Wikeley, Nigel; Middleton, John Peco
41690 S-Rai013 Railway Walks GWR & SR Vintner, Jeff Alan Sutton 1990
41705 S-Rai018 LB & SCR [Railways before the Grouping, No 1] Morris, O J Ian Allan London 1952 L1H
41720 S-Rai022 Railways Of Britain - Southern Britain Cooper, C F G Daily Mail
41735 S-Rai024 Railways of Dorset Lucking, John RCTS 1968
41750 S-Rai026 My Best Railway Photographs. No 2 Southern Morris, O J Ian Allan London 1946 Softback Q3-4
41780 S-Rai029 Railways South East - The Album 1854141651 Capitol Transport 1994
41795 S-Rai030 Railways South East Volumes 1-3 Magazine Binder Jenkinson, D; White, Prof H P (edited by) Railways South East Harrow Weald 1987 Magazine Magazine Good
41810 S-Rai031 Railways South East Volume 1 Magazine Binder Jenkinson, D; White, Prof H P (edited by) Railways South East Harrow weald 1987 Magazine Magazine Fair