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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
38075 S-Do024 Dorset Railways Remembered Oppitz, Leslie 1853060429 Countryside Books 1989 Regional Railways – Dorset
38090 S-Do025 Dorset Railways Lucking, John Dovecote Press 1982 Regional Railways – Dorset
38105 S-Do025 Dorset Railways Lucking, John Dovecote Press 1982 Regional Railways – Dorset
38110 S-Do026 Dorset railways Maggs, Colin 1871164664 Dorset Books Wellington 2009 Hardback C0A As New
38120 S-Do027 Dorset Steam-Scenes from the fifties & sixties Welch, Michael 1854142798 Capital Transport London 2004 Regional Railways – Dorset
38135 S-Do029 Double - Headed Trains 1-South Cross, Derek Ian Allan 1979
38150 S-Dr001 Drummond Locomotives Haresnape, Brian; Rowledge, Peter Ian Allan 1982 Motive Power – Steam – Drummond
38165 S-Dr002 Drummond Greyhounds of the LSWR Bradley, D l David & Charles 1983 Motive Power – Steam – Drummond
38180 S-Dr002 Driver's Handout – Electrical Multiple Unit Stock Rose, C A Driver Training 1969
38195 S-Ea001 Eastleigh, The Railway – Town – People Winkworth, Bob Noodle Books 2007 Places – Eastleigh
38210 S-Ea002 Eastleigh - Steam Centre of the South Western Eagles, Barry J Waterfront 2002 Places – Eastleigh
38225 S-Ea003a Built at Eastleigh Kingfisher 1985 Places – Eastleigh
38240 S-Ea003b Built at Eastleigh (revised edition) Bowie, G Waterfront 1992 Places – Eastleigh
38255 S-Ea004 Steam around Eastleigh Robertson, Kevin Sutton 1997 Places – Eastleigh
38270 S-Ea005 Eastleigh Works Open Day 18th Sept 1988 Programme BR 1988 Places – Eastleigh
38285 S-Ea006 An Illustrated History of Eastleigh Loco Works Boocock, Colin; Stanton, Peter Ian Allan 2006 Places – Eastleigh
38300 S-Ea007 Eastleigh Locomotive Works Southern Railway Places – Eastleigh
38315 S-Ea008 Eastleigh Railway Institute Centenary 1891-1991 Brown, George J Eastleigh Railway Institute 1991 Places – Eastleigh
38330 S-Ec001 Echoes of the Century – Daily Echo Centenary Newspaper Bournemouth Echo - Newscom 2000 Local History & Amenities
38345 S-Em001 Southern EMUs in Colour Morgan, John C Ian Allan 1994
38360 S-En001 Engineman SR Jackman, M Bradford Barton Biography
38375 S-Ex001 Exeter - Newton Abbot - A Railway History Kay, Peter 1872524427 Platform 5 1993
38390 S-Ex002 Rail Centres – Exeter Maggs, Colin G Ian Allan 1985
38405 S-Ex005 Railways Round Exmoor Madge, Robin Exmoor Press 1975
38420 S-Ex008 Express Trains 5 (Trains Illustrated 29) Allen, G Freeman (edited by) Ian Allan
38435 S-Fa002 Farewell to Steam Stokes, Michael Rochester Press 1983
38450 S-Fa003 Farnborough to Salisbury – Southern Region History Bradshaw, T S 1901056201 Xpress Publishing
38465 S-Fa005 The Fawley Branch (Totton, Hythe & Fawley) Fairman, J R Oakwood Press 2002
38480 S-Fe001 Ferry Services of the LB&SC Railway Jordan, S Oakwood 1998
38495 S-Fi001 50's to Exeter Siviter, Roger Silver Link 1992
38510 S-Fi002 Fifties Steam Collection - Southern Region Sawford, Eric Eric Sawford & Allan T Condie 1992
38525 S-Fi006 Fifty Five Years on the Footplate Symes, Stan Oakwood 1995 Biography
38540 S-Fi007 Fifty Years Down the Line – Loco 34081 Woods, Barrie C 1903016096 Trans Pennine 1999
38555 S-Fl002 Flashback Medstead & Four Marks Thames Valley
38570 S-Fl003 Flying Scotsman at the Swanage Railway (Leaflet)1994 Clifford, David Swanage Railway Co Ltd Swanage 1994 C0A
38585 S-Fo001 Footplate Days on the Southern Norman, H Bradford Barton 1983
38600 S-Fo002 Footplate Over the Mendips Smith, Peter Oxford Publishing 1978
38615 S-Fo004 Footplateman remembers the Southern Rowe, J A OPC 1985
38630 S-Fo006 Practical Hints for Footplate Men (Plans etc.) Dept, SR Traffic SR Traffic Dept
38645 S-Fr001 Freight Only No. 2 Volume 2 - Southern & Central Rhodes, Michael; Shannon, Paul Silver Link 1988
38650 S-Fr002 Freight train facilities, Southern Region : (including list of goods stations and depots) British Rail, Southern Region, British Rail (Southern Region) London 1951 Booklet G2 Freight Needs Conservation
38660 S-Go001 The Golden Age of Steam Mcnaught, R S; Milton, David Western Daily Press
38675 S-Go002 Golden Years of BR Steam Garratt, Colin 1900193353 Mile Post 1995
38690 S-Gr003 Great Days of the Southern Railway Whitehouse, Patrick; Thomas, David St. John BCA 1992
38705 S-Gr004 Great Locomotives of the Southern Railway Nock, O S 0850597358 Guild Publishing 1987 E8E
38720 S-Gr007 Greyhound 120 Cooper, Peter Urie S15 Preservation Grp 1983
38735 S-Gu004 Guildford via Cobham. Origins & Impact of a Country Mallinson, Howard Howard Mallinson 2006
38750 S-Ha001 Celebration of steam : Hampshire & Dorset Glenn, David Fereday 0711022518 Ian Allan Shepperton 1994 C0A
38765 S-Ha002 Hampshire -The Changing Railway Scene Course, Edwin; Moore, Pam Southampton Univ 1991
38780 S-Ha003 Hampshire -South of the County Past & Present Gough, Terry 1858951682 Past & Present Publishing 2000
38795 S-Ha003 Hampshire -North of the County Past & Present Gough, Terry 1858951674 Past & Present Publishing 2001
38810 S-Ha004 Hampshire -South of the County Past & Present Gough, Terry 1857941365 SilverLink
38825 S-Ha005 Hampshire Steam - Scenes from the 50s & 60s Welch, Michael 1854142291 Capital Transport London 2000
38840 S-Ha006 Rail Routes in Hampshire & East Dorset Glenn, David Fereday 071101213X Ian Allan Shepperton 1983 C0A
38855 S-Ha007 Hampshire & Isle of Wight -Southern Holiday Lines Bennett, Alan Runpast Publishing 1994
38870 S-Ha008 Hampshire Railways Remembered Robertson, Kevin; Oppitz, Leslie Countryside Books 1988
38885 S-Ha009 Hampshire Railways in Old Photographs Robertson, Kevin Alan Sutton 1989
38900 S-Ha010 Hampshire. Diesel and Electric Memories Hall, Colin Colin Hall Publishing 1996
38915 S-Ha011 Steam Around Hampshire & Dorset Coast Arlett, Mike; Lockett, David (to be determined)
38930 S-Ha012 Hampshire Railway Stations - Old Picture Postcards Swift, Andrew 1900138808 Reflections of a Bygone Age 2003
38945 S-Ha013 Branch Lines of Hampshire Maggs, Colin C Sutton Publishing 1997
38960 S-Ha014 Lost Railways of Hampshire Oppitz, Leslie 1853066893 Countryside Books
38975 S-Ha015 Railways of Hampshire – A British Railway Pictorial Burges, Anthony W Ian Allan 2006
38990 S-Ha016 Hampshire Railways - The History of Steam Maggs, Colin 8466742965 Countryside Books 2012
38992 S-Ha017 Southern Railway Reflections - Hampshire and Dorset - Gough, Terry 1857941365 Silver Link Kettering,Northants 2004 Softback Good
39005 S-Ha026 Hayling Railway Paye, P Oakwood 1979
39020 S-He001 Head Signals. SR. Engine Head Signals W.X. 480 England, W J Southern Railway 1943
39035 S-He002 Heritage Railway Association – Group Travel Guide 2012 Heritage Railway Association HRA -Blueprint Travel 2012
39050 S-Ho003 Holmsley – Old Station Tea Rooms Grant, Phil (to be determined) 1997
39065 S-Ho005 The Hundred of Hoo Railway Hart, Brian Wild Swan Publications 1989
39080 S-Ho008 Holton Heath – Railways - OtherTransport at (Cordite) Whicher, Joe Sussex Transport Interest Group Article
39095 S-Hu001 Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways, later known as the West Sussex Railway, 1897-1935. Griffith, Edward C Griffith 1948 D1A
39110 S-Hu003 A History of Hurstbourne & Fullerton Railway Goodridge, Ed (to be determined) 1984 Booklet
39125 S-Il001(1) Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume 1 Bixley, Blackburn, King & Chorley OPC 1984 Wagons – Southern
39140 S-Il001(1) Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume 1 Bixley, Blackburn, King & Chorley OPC 2000 Wagons – Southern
39155 S-Il001(3) Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume 3 Bixley, Blackburn, King & Chorley OPC 2000 Wagons – Southern
39170 S-Il001(4) Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume 4 Bixley, Blackburn, King & Chorley OPC 2002 Wagons – Southern
39185 S-Il005 The Ilfracombe Line Nicholas, John 1871608775 Irwell Press 1998
39190 S-Il006 George Heiron's Southern collection : Waterloo to Ilfracombe Murray, Bruce; Robertson, Kevin 9781906419127 Noodle Books Southampton 2009 Hardback Q3-4 As New
39200 S-Is006(1) Isle of Portland Railways: Volume 1, Admiralty and Quarry railways. Jackson, Brian L Oakwood Press Usk 1999 C0A
39215 S-Is006(2) Isle of Portland Railways Volume 2 Weymouth Portland Jackson, Brian L 0853615519 Oakwood Press Usk 2000 C0A
39230 S-Is006(3) Isle of Portland Railways: Volume 3, Railway, associated and other bus services Jackson, Brian L 0853615667 Oakwood Press Usk 2000 C0A
39245 S-Is007 Rail and road transport on the Isle of Portland: a pictorial survey Jackson, Brian L 0853615810 Oakwood Press Usk 2002 C0A
39260 S-Is008 Railways of Portland Smith, Martin 1871608821 Irwell Press 1997
39275 S-Is010 The Island Terrier (Isle of Wight) Reed, M J E Kingfisher 1989
39290 S-Is011 Isle of Wight Album Kitchenside, G M Ian Allan 1967
39305 S-Is011 Isle of Wight Album Kitchenside, G M Ian Allan 1975
39320 S-Is012 Isle of Wight Railways a Pictorial Survey Pomeroy, Colin A Silver Link 1991
39335 S-Is012a Isle of Wight – BR Past & Present Collection Pomeroy, Colin A Silver Link
39350 S-Is013 Isle of Wight Steam Railway 0950615412 Wight Loco Society 1978 Softback Fair
39365 S-Is014 Isle of Wight. A Locomotive History of the Railway Bradley, D L Railway Correspondence 1982
39380 S-Is015 Rails in the Isle of Wight Hendry, Robert 1857800532 Midland Publishing 1997
39395 S-Is016 The Great Isle of Wight Train Robbery Burroughs, R E Railway Invigoration Soc 1968
39410 S-Is016 The Great Isle of Wight Train Robbery Burroughs, R E Railway Invigoration Soc 1969
39425 S-Is017 Rails in the Isle of Wight Allen, P C; MacLeod, A B David & Charles 1986
39440 S-Is018 Railways in the Wight Whittington, C J G G Saunders 1972
39455 S-Is019 Once Upon a Line. Isle of Wight..Volume 3 Britton, Andrew (comp) Oxford Publishing 1990
39460 S-Is020 Steam on the Isle of Wight, 1956-1966 Paye, Peter; Paye, Ken 0860930394 Oxford Publishing Oxford 1979 Hardback C0A
39461 S-Is021(1) Return to Ryde by steam, v.1 Britton, Andrew 095485070x Medina Books Warwick 2005 Hardback C0A As New
39462 S-Is021(2) Return to Ryde by steam, v.2 Britton, Andrew 0954850718 Medina Books Warwick 2005 Hardback C0A As New