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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
45800 S-St027 Stroudley Locomotives Haresnape, B Ian Allan 1985 Motive Power – Steam – Stroudley
45815 S-Su002 Summer of '67 – Last Days of Steam on the Southern Grayer, Jeffrery Kingfisher Productions 2007
45830 S-Su004 Lost Railways of Surrey Oppitz, Leslie 1853067717 Countryside 2002
45845 S-Su005 Surrey Railways Remembered Oppitz, Leslie 1853060054 Country 1988
45860 S-Su006 The Railway in Surrey Jackson, Alan A 0906899907 Atlantic Transport Penryn 1999 C0A
45875 S-Su007 Surrey Steam - Scenes from the fifties & sixties Welch, Michael 1854142380 Capital Transport London 2001
45890 S-Su008 Sussex Steam - Scenes from the fifties & sixties Welch, Michael Capital Transport London 1998
45895 S-Su009 Sussex railway architecture : a historical survey Hoare, John 085527249X Harvester Press Hassocks 1979 Hardback E5B Good
45905 S-Wes001 Westerham Valley Railway (Locomotion Papers 72) Gould, David Oakwood Press Lingfield 1974 C0A
45920 S-Swa800 Press Cuttings 1877 - copies Pink Binder (to be determined) 1877 Swanage Railway
45925 S-Swa800 The History of Swanage Railway Payne, Martin Southern Locomotives 2009 Handout Swanage Railway
45930 S-Swa800 History of the Swanage-Wareham Railway Line Unknown, Unknown 1990 Loose Leaf Swanage Railway
45933 S-Swa800 Swanage Railway-Consultative Document-Dorset County Council-1980 Abel( Chief Executive), K A Dorset County Council Dorchester 1980 Softback Swanage Railway Fair
45934 S-Swa800 Strategic Plan Swanage Railway Trust 2011-2016 (Sept 2010) Council, Management SRT Council of Management Swanage 2010 Loose Leaf Swanage Railway Fair
45935 S-Swa800 Swanage Light Railway Order 1987 (copy) Pink File (to be determined) 1987 Swanage Railway
45940 S-Swa800 Swanage Wareham Railway Group 1972-1988 Unknown, Unknown 1988 Loose Leaf Swanage Railway
45945 S-Swa800 Press Article - The Opening of the Swanage Branch Line Poole & Bournemouth Herald, Poole & Bournemouth Herald 1885 Article Swanage Railway
45950 S-Swa800 Swanage Railway Act 1881 (copy) - pink binder Parliament 1881 (to be determined) 1881 Swanage Railway
45955 S-Swa800 Swanage Railway Bulletin - Corfe Castle By-Pass Proposals Unknown, Unknown 1981 Leaflet Swanage Railway
45960 S-Swa800 Swanage Railway Bulletin - Corfe Castle By-Pass Objections Unknown, Unknown 1981 Leaflet Swanage Railway
45965 S-Swa800 Swanage Railway - Station Limits Plans for all Stops Company, Swanage Railway Swanage Railway Infrastructure Swanage Railway
45980 S-Swa801 The History of Swanage Railway Locomotives, Southern Southern Locos 2009 Handout Swanage Railway
45995 S-Swa802 Swanage Railway Album Brasher; Moon; Stollery (edited by) Southern Steam Trust 1977 Swanage Railway
46010 S-Swa803 Swanage - 125 Years of Railways Jackson, Brian L 9780853616962 Oakwood Press Usk 2010 C0A Swanage Railway
46025 S-Swa804 Branch Line to Swanage Mitchell, Vic; Smith, Keith Middleton Press 1986 Swanage Railway
46040 S-Swa805 Swanage Past Lewer, David; Smale, Dennis Phillimore 1994 Swanage Railway
46055 S-Swa805 Swanage Past Lewer; Smale Phillimore 1994 Swanage Railway
46070 S-Swa806 Swanage Branch Then and Now Wright, Andrew Ian Allan 1992 Swanage Railway
46085 S-Swa807 The Story of Swanage – A history from early times Lewer, David Harewood Publications 1986 Swanage Railway
46100 S-Swa808 Swanage at War -D-Day 50 Years Chacksfield, Merle Swanage Town Council 1993 Swanage Railway
46115 S-Swa809 Curiosities of Old Swanage Lewer, David; Calkin, J B Purbeck Press 1999 Swanage Railway
46130 S-Swa810 Swanage Rediscovered Borrett, Danielle & Stewart (edited by) Amberwood Graphics 1998 Swanage Railway
46135 S-Swa811 Swanage Branch in Colour - The Ultimate Archive Wright, Andrew P M 0957336735 Kingfisher Productions 2013 Swanage Railway
46145 S-Swa812 Swanage Branch - Railway World Special Wright, Andrew Ian Allan 1987 Swanage Railway
46160 S-Swa813 Swanage Branch - Revised Edition Wright, Andrew Ian Allan 1993 Swanage Railway
46175 S-Swa814 Swanage Railway Brasher, Robin (to be determined) Swanage Railway
46190 S-Swa815 Swanage Railway in Colour Deacon, Tim Ian Allan 1996 Swanage Railway
46205 S-Swa816-event Swanage Diesel Gala and Beer Festival Guide 2012 Company, Swanage Railway Swanage Railway 2012 Booklet Swanage Railway
46208 S-Swa816 Diesel Gala 2015 ( and Dorset Beer Festival) 8th-10th May 2015 Swanage Railway, Swanage Railway 5053470011989 Swanage Railway Swanage 2015 Booklet Swanage Railway As New
46209 S-Swa816-event Swanage Railway Diesel Gala & Dorset Beer Festival 2016 Swanage Railway, Swanange Railway 5053470011989 Swanage Railway Swanage 2016 Booklet Motive Power – Diesel inc DMU's - British Railways Good
46211 S-Swa816 Diesel Gala 2017 -Dawn of the Diesels Swanage Railway, Swanage Railway 5053470011989 Swanage Railway Swanage 2017 Booklet Swanage Railway As New
46220 S-Swa816-event Swanage - End of Southern Steam - 40th Anniversary Gala Swanage Railway-Heritage Rly 2007 Swanage Railway
46225 S-Swa816-event Swanage Railway Centenary Celebrations 1885-1985 Swanage Railway Company; Swanage Railway (Includes loose leaf notes for Stewarding Organisation -Swanage Railway Project . No date On Pamphlet but probably 24-27 May 1985) Swanage Railway 1985 Swanage Railway
46235 S-Swa816-event Swanage Railway Millennium Souvenir Clifford, David (Images by Andrew P M Wright) Southern Steam Trust 1994 Brochure Swanage Railway
46240 S-Swa817 Guide to the Swanage Railway Baker, Michael Swanage Railway Co. Swanage 1990 Softback C0A Good
46250 S-Swa818 Swanage Branch Pictorial Caddy, C L Purbeck Railway Enterprise 1985 Swanage Railway
46255 S-Swa819 Swanage Railway Children's Activity & Quiz Book Swanage Education Projects Swanage Railway 1980 Swanage Railway
46265 S-Swa820(1) Swanage Railway - A Pictorial Guide 1st Edition Green, David SwanageRly Co 1995 Swanage Railway
46280 S-Swa820(2) Swanage Railway – A Pictorial Guide 2nd Edition Green, David SwanageRly Co 1997 Swanage Railway
46295 S-Swa820(3) Swanage Railway - A Pictorial Guide 3rd Edition Green, David SwanageRly Co 2002 Swanage Railway
46310 S-Swa820(4) Swanage Railway - A Pictorial Guide 4th Edition Green, David SwanageRly Co 2009 Swanage Railway
46325 S-Swa829 Swanage Branch steam. (Pocket Book Steam v.1) Southern Steam Trust Swanage 1983 Softback C0A Swanage Railway Good
46340 S-Swa835 Swanage - Signalling Record 99/102/107/112/13 (to be determined) Swanage Railway
46355 S-Swa836 Swanage Railway Stock Book 1979 Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust Swanage 1979 Booklet Swanage Railway Good
46370 S-Swa837 Swanage Railway Stock Book 1980 Second Edition Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust Swanage 1980 Swanage Railway Good
46385 S-Swa838 Swanage Railway Stock Book 1981 Third Edition Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust Swanage 1981 Swanage Railway Good
46386 S-Swa838a Swanage Railway Stock Book Third Edition Supplement March 1982 Sykes, P The Southern Steam Trust Swanage 1982 Booklet Fair
46400 S-Swa839 Swanage Railway Guide & Stock Book 1985 Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust 1985 Swanage Railway
46415 S-Swa840 Swanage Railway Stock Book 2000 Moon; Brasher Swanage Rly Co 2000 Swanage Railway
46430 S-Swa841 Swanage Railway Guide 5th Edition Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust 1988 Swanage Railway
46445 S-Swa841a Swanage Railway Guide 1st Edition Sykes, P J (edited by) Southern Steam Trust 1982 Swanage Railway
46460 S-Swa842 Swanage Railway Illustrated Rolling Stock 1994 Renaut, Peter; Dadd, Steve Swanage rly Company 1994 Swanage Railway
46475 S-Swa844 Steam into Swanage Kellaway, John Purbeck Mail 1976 Swanage Railway
46490 S-Swa846 Fares – Swanage / Corfe Castle Destinations etc 1950s (to be determined) Fares - Swanage Railway
46505 S-Swa848 Station Log – BR220 - Goods etc. 4/3/1959 to 18/4/1966 Staff, Swanage Station BR 220 Register from Swanage Station Swanage Railway
46520 S-Swa850 Corfe Ledger Pages -Tickets issued 1898 LSWR (to be determined) 1898 Swanage Railway
46535 S-Swa851 Swanage Station Charges Part 1 Through Distances Railway, Southern Southern Railway Swanage Railway
46550 S-Swa852 Swanage Station Book of Rates Part 3 Passengers Railway, Southern Southern Railway Swanage Railway
46565 S-Swa853 Swanage Station Accounts Ledger (Tithe Barn Loan) Railway, Southern Southern Railway 1909 Swanage Railway
46580 S-Swa854 Swanage Station Through Rate Book Charges Railway, Southern Southern Railway 1926 Swanage Railway
46595 S-Swa855 Swanage Station - Southern Stores Stock Carriage/Wagon Railway, Southern Southern Railway 1925 Swanage Railway
46610 S-Swa856 Swanage Station - Train Register Log - Jan-May 1960 Railway, Southern Southern Railway 1960 Swanage Railway
46625 S-Swa858 Swanage – Occurrence Book 1970 Diary Staff, British Railway Swanage 1970 Swanage Railway
46640 S-Swa870 Swanage News 1-34 1972-1979 White Binder Swanage News Swanage Railway
46655 S-Ta001 Alfred Whitaker and the Tablet Apparatus Cattermole, Peter Somerset & Dorset Rly Trust
46670 S-Ta002 Tamar and Tavy Valleys – Past and Present Gough, Terry 1858951712 Past & Present Publishing 2001
46685 S-Ta003 Tattenham Corner Branch – Loco Papers 108 Owen, N Oakwood Press 1978
46700 S-Ta005 Taunton to Barnstaple Line – Loco Papers 126 Maggs, C Oakwood-Loco Papers 126
46715 S-Ta006 Taw Valley McDonald, Ian 1857800117 Midland 1993
46730 S-Te002 Templecombe 1860-1985 TSWC, Matthews & Shaftoe et al - 1857800117 Templecombe Stn Working commit 1985 Booklet
46745 S-Ti001 Timetables - South Eastern & Chatham 1897 South Eastern & Chathan Rly 1897
46760 S-Ti001 Timetables – South Eastern & Chatham 1923 Southern Rly 1923
46775 S-Ti001 Timetables - South Western Region 1923 Southern Rly 1923
46790 S-Ti004 Timetables - LSWR 1914 (to be determined) Timetables – Rail – LSWR
46805 S-Ti012 Bournemouth & Poole Rail Guide & Motor Bus 1938 Looker's 1938
46820 S-To014 Travelling on the Southern Railway - Waterloo Edition Pike, S N Silver Link 1988
46825 S-Tr002 Southern Travellers Handbook, 1965-1966. British Rail, Southern Region, British Rail, Southern Region London 1965 Softback G6 Companies – British Railways - General Fair
46830 S-Tr003 Southern travellers handbook, 1967. 2nd ed. British Rail, Southern Region , British Rail, Southern Region London 1966 Softback G6 Companies – British Railways - General Poor
46835 S-Tr004 Trade Rates – Gas / Plumber / Plasterer etc. Div, BR Southern BR Southern Div 2014
46850 S-Tr008 Transition from Steam to Diesel & Electric – SR Talk Jacobs, G A (paper presented by) Purbeck Railway Circle Talk 2009 Lecture Notes
46865 S-Tr013 Trains Album No 14 Southern Region Ian Allan
46880 S-Tu016 The Turnchapel Branch (inc Cattewater Goods) Kingdom, Anthony R 860931811 Oxford Publishing 1982
46895 S-Ur001 Urie S15s Cooper, Peter Urie Preservation Group 1982 Motive Power – Steam – Urie
46910 S-Ur002 Urie – Celebrating 75 Years of No's 30499 & 30506 Hardingham, Roger Urie Locomotive Society 1995
46925 S-Ur003 Greyhound 120 Cooper, Peter Urie S15 Preservation Grp 1983
46940 S-Ur004 Urie - Notes on LSWR Dept Paper CU1 Fletcher, Frank; Denning, Heather (comp) Swanage Rly Trust 2007
46955 S-Ur005 Lectures on the Locomotive (6th Edition Drummond, Dugald; Urie, R W Locomotive Publishing Co 1921
46970 S-Ve001 Ventnor West Branch Paye, Peter Wild Swan 1992 Regional Railways – Ventnor West
46985 S-Vi004 Victoria Station Through Time Christopher, John Amberley Publishing 2011 Places – Stations – Victoria
47000 S-Wa004 Wainwright and his Locomotives Marx, Klaus Ian Allan 1985 Motive Power – Steam – Wainwright