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Item No Old DB Ref Title Authors ISBN Publisher Published At Year Published Format NRM Classification Primary Theme Condition
43250 S-Sou021 South Hants & Dorset (Thorough Guides) (to be determined)
43255 S-Sou022 Pictorial history of Southampton docks. 3rd ed. Moody, Bert 0946184828 Waterfront Publications Settle 1998 Softback G5A Good
43280 S-Sou025 South Western Railway Ellis, Hamilton Allen & Unwin 1962
43295 S-Sou027 South By South West - 150 years of progress – BR Harris, Michael; Cordner, Ken Ian Allan 1988
43310 S-Sou028 South West by Rail Railway development Soc.
43325 S-Sou029 South West Railwayman King, Donald Allen & Unwin 1983
43340 S-Sou040a Southern Branch Lines 1955-65 Gammell, G J OPC 1976
43355 S-Sou040b Southern Branch Lines GRQ Edition Gammell, C J G R Q 1986
43370 S-Sou040c Southern Branch Lines Gammell, C J OPC 1997
43385 S-Sou041 Southern Album Ransome-Wallis, P Ian Allan 1969
43400 S-Sou042 Don't Knock the Southern Behrend, George 1857800036 Midland Publishing 1993
43415 S-Sou043 Southern Colour Pictorial Allan, Ian Ian Allan 1983
43430 S-Sou044 Southern Electric Multiple Units 1898-1948 Marsden, Colin J Ian Allan 1983 Motive Power – EMU – Southern
43445 S-Sou044 Southern Electric Multiple Units 1948-1983 Marsden, Colin J Ian Allan 1983 Motive Power – EMU – Southern
43460 S-Sou045 Southern Electrics in View Rayner, Bryan Southern Electric Group 1982
43475 S-Sou046 Southern Electric 1909-1979 Fifth Edition Moody, G T Ian Allan
43490 S-Sou046 Southern Electric Moody, G T Ian Allan 1957
43505 S-Sou047 Southern Electrical Album Williams, Alan Ian Allan 1977
43520 S-Sou048 Southern Electrics - A View from the Past Waterer, Graham Ian Allan 1998
43535 S-Sou049 A Southern Electric Album Welch, Michael Capital Transport London 2003
43550 S-Sou050 Southern England- Britain's Local Railways Glover, John Ian Allan 1983
43555 S-Sou051 Southern branch lines Welch, Michael Capital Transport Harrow 2006 Hardback L1G As New
43565 S-Sou052 Southern Express - Clan Line 1974-1999 Merchant Navy Locomotive Society 1999
43580 S-Sou053 Southern Express Locos Stephenson, Brian Ian Allan 1988
43585 S-Sou054 Southern counties main line steam Welch, Michael 9781854143495 Capital Transport Harrow 2011 Hardback Q3-4
43590 S-Sou055 Decline of Southern steam Welch, Michael 9781854143136 Capital Transport Harrow 2007 Hardback Q3-4 As New
43595 S-Sou056 South & South East Holiday Guide - BR 1950 – Area 5 BR Railway Executive 1950
43610 S-Sou057 Round the Southern Railway Fleet.. Grasemann, Cuthbert Ian Allan 1946
43625 S-Sou058 Southern Holiday Lines – Hants & Isle of Wight Bennett, Alan Runpast 1994
43640 S-Sou059 Southern Holiday Lines – North Cornwall & Devon Bennett, Alan 1870754352 Runpast 1995
43655 S-Sou060 Southern in Hampshire & Dorset Gough, T Oxford Publishing 1984
43670 S-Sou061 Southern in Surrey & Berkshire Gough, T Oxford Publishing 1988
43685 S-Sou062 Southern King Arthur Family Nock, O S David & Charles 1976 E8E
43700 S-Sou064 On Southern Lines Hobbs, Roy Ian Allan 1997
43715 S-Sou065 Southern Locoman Hollands, G Bradford Barton
43730 S-Sou066 Southern Locomotives - Pictorial Record Russell, J H BCA Publishing 1991
43745 S-Sou066 Southern Locomotives - Pictorial Record Russell, J H Oxford 1991
43760 S-Sou068 Southern Locomotives to Scale Beattie, Ian Bradford Barton 1981
43775 S-Sou070 Southern Main Line Cameraman Conolly, W P (edited by Mike Esau) Guild Publishing 1987
43790 S-Sou072 On Southern Metals Elsey, Les Oxford 1984
43805 S-Sou075 Southern Nouveau - An Essay in Concrete Hawkins, C; Reeve, G Wild Swan 1987
43820 S-Sou076 Southern Notebook Winter 1994 No 120 (to be determined) 1994
43835 S-Sou078 An Illustrated History of Southern Pull-Push Stock King, Mike OPC - Ian Allan 2006 Motive Power - Push/Pull Trains - Southern
43850 S-Sou080 Southern Rails in the 1980s Marsden, Colin J Ian Allan 1983
43865 S-Sou081 Railway System in Southern England from 1803 Southern
43880 S-Sou082 Sir Herbert Walkers Southern Railway Klapper, C F Ian Allan 1973
43895 S-Sou083 SR 150 - A Century and a Half of Southern Railway Thomas, D St John; Whitehouse, P Guild Publishing 1988
43910 S-Sou085 Southern Railway – Locomotives at Grouping 1 Casserley, H C; Johnston, S W Ian Allan 1974
43925 S-Sou085 Southern Railway – Locomotives at Grouping 1 Casserley, H C; Johnston, S W Ian Allan 1974
43940 S-Sou087 Southern Railway Collection - Branch Lines Recalled Gough, Terry 1857941268 Silver Link 1999
43955 S-Sou088 Southern Railway Collection - The West Country Gough, Terry 1857941357 Silver Link 1999
43970 S-Sou089 Southern Railway Halts – Survey & Gazetteer Kidner, R W Oakwood 1985
43985 S-Sou090 Southern Suburban Steam 1860-1967 Kidner, R W Oakwood 1984
44000 S-Sou091 Southern Railway Rolling Stock Kidner, R W Oakwood Press 1974
44015 S-Sou092 Southern Railway - Branch Lines in the Thirties Kidner, R W Oakwood Press 1976
44030 S-Sou093 Southern Branch Line Trains Kidner, R W Oakwood 1984
44045 S-Sou094 The Southern Railway Kidner, R W Oakwood 1958
44060 S-Sou096 Southern Railway Handbook Cooper, B K Ian Allan 1983
44075 S-Sou097 The Southern Railway Handbook 1923-1947 Wragg, David Sutton Publishing 2003
44090 S-Sou098 The History of Southern Railway Bonavia, Michael unwin Hyman 1987
44105 S-Sou100 History of the Southern Railway (Revised by Kidner) Marshall, C F Dendy; Kidner, R Ian Allan 1982
44120 S-Sou100 (1) History of the Southern Railway Volume 1 2nd Edition Marshall, C F Dendy; Kidner, R Ian Allan 1963
44135 S-Sou100 (2) History of the Southern Railway Volume 2 2nd Edition Marshall, C F Dendy; Kidner, R Ian Allan 1963
44150 S-Sou100 (3) History of the Southern Railway – Corrections Marshall, C F Dendy; Kidner, R Corr By JT Howard Turner Loose Leaf
44165 S-Sou104 Southern Railways in the Latter Days of Steam Castledine, Malcolm 1901945405 Book Law Publicatiions 2005
44180 S-Sou105 Southern Railway - Railway Liveries Haresnape, Brian 0711012032 Ian Allan Shepperton 1982 M1
44195 S-Sou106 Southern Railway - Grouping Part 6 – Loco Classes Williams, Mike Mike Williams 2007
44210 S-Sou108 Southern Railway passenger vans Gould, David 0853614288 Oakwood Headington 1992 E12
44225 S-Sou109 Book of Southern Railway C.N. Poster Stamps Newspaper, Childrens (to be determined) 1935
44255 S-Sou110 Southern Railway's Withered Arm -A view from the past Austin, Stephen Ian Allan 1998
44270 S-Sou111 Southern reflections : a collection of photographs from the BBC Hulton Picture Library. Riley, R C; Harris, N 094797122X Silver Link St Michael's on Wyre 1993 L1G
44285 S-Sou112 Southern Region The Changing Railway Scene Robertson, Kevin Ian Allan 2009
44290 S-Sou113 British Railways southern region in colour : for the modeller and historian Robertson, Kevin 0711032335 Ian Allan Hersham 2007 Softback C1 As New
44300 S-Sou114 Southern Region Train Service Guide 1984 - 85 Group, Southern Electric (to be determined) 1984
44315 S-Sou115 This is Southern Region, Central Divison Heaps, Chris Ian Allan 1982
44330 S-Sou116 Southern Region Chronology and Record 1803-1965 Clark, R H Oakwood Press 1964
44345 S-Sou117 Southern Region Electrics. BR Modeller & Historian Oliver, Bruce Ian Allan 2008 Modelling
44360 S-Sou118 Southern Region Engine Workings Gammell, C J OPC 1974
44375 S-Sou120 The Southern Region Illustrated History of BR Earnshaw, Alan; Derrick, Kevin 1903016312 Nostalgia Road Publications 2004
44377 S-Sou122 Southern Region Flashback: the South Western main line through Hampshire in the 1950s. Kimber, David 9781906419660 Noodle Books Southampton 2011 Softback Motive Power - Steam - Southern Railway Good
44390 S-Sou126 Southern Region Main Line Diesels Vaughan, John Peter Watts 1983
44405 S-Sou128 Railways of Southern Region. PSL Guide Body, Geoff Patrick Stephens 1984
44420 S-Sou130 Southern Region Route Recognition : 1 Marsden, C J Ian Allan 1985
44435 S-Sou135 Southern Region Steam, Western Section Browne, Hornby & Almark 1977
44450 S-Sou136 Southern Region Steam Album 1948-1967 Nash, S C Ian Allan 1974
44465 S-Sou138 The Southern Remembered Whiteley, J S; Morrison, G W Oxford Publishing 1980
44480 S-Sou139 The Southern Scene Earley, Maurice Oxford Publishing 1973
44495 S-Sou139 The Southern Scene Earley, Maurice W Oxford 1973
44510 S-Sou140 The Southern Scene Robertson, Kevin Ian Allan 2008
44525 S-Sou141 Southern Region Locomotive Shed Allocations , 10th December 1953 Rogers, James; Hardingham, Roger Kingfisher Chipping Norton 1981 E6
44540 S-Sou141(a) Southern Region Sheds - BR Sheds part 9 Hands, P B Defiant 1986
44555 S-Sou142 An Historical Survey of Southern Sheds Hawkins, Chris; Reeve, George Oxford Publishing 1979
44570 S-Sou143 Southern Sheds in Camera Griffiths, Roger Oxford Publishing 1989
44585 S-Sou146 Southern Signals. A Pictorial Record of Southern Signals Pryer, G A Oxford Publishing 1977
44600 S-Sou146 Southern Signals. A Pictorial Record of Southern Signals Pryer, G A Oxford Publishing 1989
44615 S-Sou147 Slam Doors on the Southern. Welch, Michael 1854142968 Capital Transport London 2005 Carriages / Coaches – Southern - Slam Doors
44630 S-Sou149 Southern South Western Memories Antell, Robert Ian Allan 1977
44645 S-Sou150 The Southern since 1948 Allen, G Freeman Ian Allan 1987
44660 S-Sou151 Historical survey of selected Southern stations : layout and illustrations. v.1 Pryer, G A; Bowring, G J 0860930165 Oxford Publishing Oxford 1980 Hardback E5B As New
44675 S-Sou152 The Best of Southern Steam - The Final Decade Postlethwaite, Alan Sutton Publishing 2000